About Dr Aily Yun Liu

Dr Aily Liu (TCM)is a registered chinese medicine practitioner with the Registration Board of Victoria, and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, she has provider number for the most of private insurance company.


Case Studies

Many successful clinical case studies and research can be viewed upon your discussion with Dr. Aily Liu (TCM) during your clinical visit. A few of these are listed below.


Case 1: Multiple Miscarriages

A 41 year old women came to the clinic for help with multiple miscarriages (3 in 2010). Her medical history showed light menstrual periods and a thin endometrial lining (3-4mm), she complained about lower abdominal pain since her 3rd miscarriage. She was treated using Acupuncture combined with Chinese Herbal Medicines for 3 months and followed by Acupuncture for another 2 months, she fell pregnant naturally when she was 42 years old. She is expecting twins in 8 weeks at time of writing.


case 2: IVF Failed and Natural Pregnancy


A 41 year old lady failed 2 IVF cycles: The 1st IVF cycle produced 2 eggs with no fertilisation due to poor egg quality; the 2nd IVF cycle produced 3 eggs and 1 fertilisation with failed implantation. She decided to have acupuncture treatment for 6 months before going for another IVF treatment. She fell pregnant naturally after 4 months treatment and gave birth to a healthy, big baby boy.


Case3: PCOS with irregular period and 2 Failed IVF Cycles


A 37 year old women had never had spontaneous ovulation due to PCOS. She had her 1st IVF treatment with pregnancy, but miscarried at 20 weeks gestation. She tried another IVF 3 months after miscarriage, 5 eggs collected with no fertilisation. Then she came to the clinic asking for IVF support with acupuncture. After 6 months of acupuncture and herbal treatment, she fell pregnant naturally without IVF treatment.


Case4: IVF for chronic pelvic infection with Fallopian tube blockage


A 35 year old lady diagnosed infertility with Fallopian tube blockage. 3 months before she commenced her IVF treatment, she came to the clinic for IVF Acupuncture support treatment. During her 1st IVF stimulus cycle, she had 19 eggs collected, 18 eggs went into fertilisation and 13 of the 18 fertilised embryos survived in day 5. The first fresh transfer resulted in pregnancy, 10 embryos were placed in frozen storage.


Case 5: Early ovarian failures with AMH 1.9


A 28 year old lady was diagnosed with early hereditary pre-menopause, AMH result 1.9. She was told that she only had 6 months of eggs reserve and IVF was not an option due to a higher FSH level. She was referred by a friend to come to the clinic for acupuncture treatment. After 3 months treatment she fell pregnant naturally resulting in a healthy baby boy.


Case 6: Failed four IVF stimulus cycles


A 39 year old woman with an AMH of 2.3 failed 4 IVF stimulus cycles due to poor embryos. During 2 months acupuncture preparation for her 5th IVF cycle, she fell pregnant naturally in April 2012.


Case 7: Pregnant after two years


A 38 year old woman had been trying to fall pregnant naturally in conjunction with other natural modalities and 2 years on Clomid from her Doctor. After 4 months acupuncture preparation with 50mg of Clomid, she fell pregnant naturally in mid-June 2012.


Case 8: Pregnant after trying IVF for two years


A 43 year old woman whose husband has a sperm abnormality had been trying IVF for two years without success. After trying acupuncture and herbs for 3 months, on 26/06/12 a urine based pregnancy test was positive and a blood test confirmed a 4-5 week pregnancy.